Bath House - Joy, 2016

Bath House - Joy, 2016 limited edition # 20 digigraphic art print. ( 5 available.) From the Pia MYrvoLD Bath House Series 2009 - 2018 Numbered, title and signed by the artist. Included certificate of authenticity. Size of image print 30x60cm. The print image has an additional edge, 4-5 cm around the printed image, to allow framing. The digigraphic edition is printed in Atelier Clot Bramsen, Paris, with the best art professional quality and a slightly structured printing paper that gives optimal colour and no shine or gloss. The print will be shipped in a carton roll. For flat shipping, additional shipping cost might apply. Allow 1-3 weeks, for preparations, packaging and shipment, depending on your location.

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  • Return Policy: There is no return policy on ordered items. Prints are fragile and must be handled with care, it is recommended to unpack print directly at the frame store, who will handle the print in a professional manner until securely framed. Any damage must be photographed and reported the first week of reception.

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